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The privacy and data security compliance platform.

You can’t manage collaborative compliance using spreadsheets.
PrivIQ’s suite of automated tools tracks how you implement, document and manage your data and privacy risks to optimise your compliance.

By 2024, more than 80% of organisations worldwide will face modern privacy and data protection requirements.

The State of Privacy and Personal Data Protection, 2020-2022 by Gartner

How PrivIQ helps


With a single business license and just one fee, unlimited staff can access the PrivIQ’s platform, so compliance needn’t be a costly burden.


PrivIQ software removes the complexity from data protection so that compliance isn’t as difficult and demanding as it seems.


PrivIQ maps to multiple regulations in their entirety, so that wherever you operate you can be sure you’re compliant.


PrivIQ allows you to demonstrate compliance with real-time reports and audits that can also reveal insights, risks and gaps in your processes.

We cover eight regulations worldwide = 23% of the global economy

data protection legislation we are covering

By 2023, 65% of the world’s population will have its personal information covered under modern privacy regulations, up from 10% today.

The State of Privacy and Personal Data Protection, 2020-2022 by Gartner

Trusted by more than 400 organisations worldwide

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  • Linkedin
    "Intuitive, step by step, and does what it says on the tin. Covers most of what I expect a GDPR accountability platform to cover, with a good roadmap in place for the rest, at an excellent price point." (Source LinkedIn)
    Tash Whitaker
    Global Data Protection Director
  • Develop
    "PrivIQ showed us areas where we didn’t think data was used and areas where we are questioning why we collect and process."
    Kevin Greenwell
    Data Protection Officer at Develop
  • assure data
    "It’s very intuitive and guides users through areas such as privacy notices and data mapping in an easy and clear manner. We think it’s one of the one of the best tools and organisation can use to help in their journey toward compliance."
    Jim Sneddon
    Assure Data

By 2023, companies that earn and maintain digital trust with customers will see 30% more digital commerce profits than their competitors.

The State of Privacy and Personal Data Protection, 2020-2022 by Gartner

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