Data protection compliance doesn’t need to be a costly, complex burden.

PrivIQ’s intuitive workflow and user-friendly task management software
reduces the time and cost of compliance.

The dashboard gives you an immediate overview of the risks, status and responsible stakeholder for every compliance item.

A collaborative tool

One person can’t achieve compliance. You need collaboration tools for efficient teamwork.

Assign Tasks

PrivIQ enables you to assign tasks and monitor your team’s achievement

Share Documents

The documents you upload to PrivIQ are accessible to your team for remote comment and sharing

Be Notified

PrivIQ notifies you when a deadline is approaching or a task is complete

PrivIQ enables you to

Monitor and manage your risks centrally

Track progress and record actions

Document risk mitigations

Summary of PrivIQ’s main features

Subject Access Requests

Respond to SARs by assigning responsibilities, tracking progress and documenting risk profiles.

Data Subject access request
Data protection impact assessment

Data Protection Impact Assessments

Identify the data protection risks of a project, assess your need to complete a DPIA and document the process if you do.

Data Breaches

Record and assess the severity of a breach, and follow actions to mitigate similar incidents.

data breach management
governance compliance

Governance Documentation

Store all your policies and notices in one central location.

Third Party Processing and Data Sharing

Upload, centralise and monitor your data processing contracts and agreements with third parties and controllers.

Data Mapping

Record the types of data you’re collecting and where they’re being processed.


Activate the reporting you require to show the status of all your data processing activities and risk assessments.

employee training and awareness

Employee Training

Record your efforts to train staff in data protection.

Data Protection Officers

Identify the responsibilities of a DPO and establish if you need one or not.