Watch a demo of PrivIQ’s data privacy management service for POPIA

Obtain an overview of PrivIQ’s POPIA service

In this video, Russell Raizenberg, our compliance expert provides an insight into our POPIA compliance service.
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Setting up your organisation

How to setup your company for our POPIA compliance service.

Data mapping, governance and stakeholder communications

  • Learn how to map the use of personal and sensitive personal information in your organisation. This is a critical aspect of any data privacy program. We go through the “who, why, what, where” of data mapping and highlight how this assists in an ongoing privacy program.
  • For governance and stakeholder we show how you can manage all your policy documents, amend generated privacy notices, automated decision making, technical and organisational measures. In addition you can communicate policies to employees and show proof of acceptance by individuals.

POPIA operators and organisational compliance audits

  • How do you manage ongoing compliance in your organisation? Do you need an information officer officer? What is the status of your compliance in the marketing, IT and human resources departments?
  • Do you have data protection amendments as contracts with the people and organisations to whom you outsource any processing, we explain it to you.

Subject access requests and security compromise logs

Russell explains our subject access request module. A subject access request is a request made by a data subject for the information that your organisation holds about them. We manage the entire process of receiving, verifying identities and the full lawful response to subject access requests. In terms of the regulation you need to keep a log of all breaches which have occurred in your organisation, we show you how to record and manage these.

Privacy impact assessments

Learn how to assess risks and to determine relevant controls to personal information processing activities before you actually introduce them into your organisation.