Partner Programmes: 

We built PrivIQ with you in mind. 

Software licenses for DPOs, privacy consultants and lawyers.

Use of PrivIQ to manage your client’s privacy programme and reinforce a stable, recurring income to compliment your compliance consultancy. We’ll train you and your staff on how to use PrivIQ to improve your efficiency and grow your business.

relationship -partner saas

Deepen relationships

Grow your business by becoming an essential partner to your clients
revenue saas distribution

Receive revenue

Create retainer-based relationships that generate recurring revenue

add value

Demonstrate value

Give your clients compliance-tailored roadmaps and reports

Consultancy licences

Your customers remain your customers.
  • Our price to partner’s is a fraction of competing solutions
  • One price regardless of entity size
  • Monthly not annual licenses
  • Upgradable to resale licenses

Partner support

When you need help there’s a real, live person to account manager to call.

  • Support is available by phone and email, and via training videos
  • We don’t charge partners for support

Partner features

PrivIQ is designed to help you retain your customers through:

  • You decide what to charge your customers
  • Rebranded interface, masked domain, login screen, notifications, and more
  • Management of all your clients in one place, with a single login
  • Easy to set up clients via your partner portal (without calling us).
  • Give custom access for each of your staff
  • Flexible templating that lets you tailor PrivIQ, so it maps uniquely to your own privacy programme, policies and agreements.

Partnership cost and commitment

Purchase a consultancy license pack and in return we provide you with:

  • Initial onboarding and training
  • Help setting up your template account
  • Access to the partner portal
  • Marketing support
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Ability to purchase additional consultancy licenses as needed.

What are you waiting for?

GDPR365 is now PrivIQ

There has been an explosion of global data protection regulations. We’ve expanded our compliance framework to enable multiple regulations. We’ve outgrown GDPR alone, so we’re changing our name to PrivIQ to reflect that and to focus on providing “Intelligent Compliance, Simply.”