With our partner in Nigeria; DAPT we bring a comprehensive NDPR compliance service.

NDPR compliance from PrivIQ is offered by our partner in Nigeria, www.dapt.com.ng

Together with our partner in Nigeria, DAPT, we provide a comprehensive NDPR compliance service.

Our NDPR cloud-based solution provides the ability to:

• Conduct data protection assessments
• Manage personal data mapping
• Create and distribute governance policies and procedures
• Manage data processing and sharing contracts
• Process data subject access requests
• Conduct data protection impact assessments
• Record any data breaches and remedial actions taken


PrivIQ will help you manage your entire NDPR program and, together with your DPCO, demonstrate compliance to the NITDA with full confidence. Maintain a real-time, fully integrated audit of privacy and data protection Practices. Implement the necessary Policies.

Lawfulness and purpose

Use our data mapping module to navigate the lawful conditions for processing personal data. Generate processor and data sharing contracts. Manage transfers ex Nigeria.


Auto-generate authentic privacy notices and keep them up to date at all required locations automatically.

Data Subject Participation

Provide mechanisms for your data subjects to engage with your organisation. Efficiently manage responses to data subjects’ access requests.


Collaboratively conduct and manage operational compliance and ongoing risk audits. Involve all stakeholders through training and awareness.


Conduct Privacy Impact Assessments. Manage responses to personal information security incidents.