POPIA is here.
All organisations must comply.

Our service will enable you to make your clients compliant.

Demonstrate Compliance

  • HR
  • IT & Security
  • Consent Management
  • Marketing

Manage compliance tasks

  • Compliance
  • Governance
  • Employee comms
  • Data Mapping
  • Operator Agreements
  • Data Sharing
  • Breach management
  • Subject Access
  • Privacy Impact Assessments

in teams

  • Administrators
  • Compliance Users
  • Subject Access
  • Task owners

Manage subject access requests

  • Form C
  • Full process from request received to completed or rejected.
  • Trackable tasks


Section 8. Manage your entire POPIA program and demonstrate compliance. Maintain your registration at the regulator. Maintain a record of your data processing activities. Adopt and implement required governance policies.

Lawfulness and Purpose

Section 9-14, 72. Use our data mapping module to navigate POPIA’s strict lawful conditions for processing personal information.

Generate operator contracts.

Manage data transfers out of South Africa.


Section 18. Create comprehensive privacy notices and keep them up to date at all required locations automatically.

Data Subject Participation

Section 23-25. Provide mechanisms for your data subjects to engage with your organisations. Efficiently manage responses to requests using all of PAIA’s conditions.


Collaboratively conduct and manage operational compliance and ongoing risk audits. Involve all stakeholders through training and awareness.


Section 19-22. Conduct Privacy Impact Assessments. Manage responses to personal information security incidents.

POPIA compliance needn’t to be complicated.

In South Africa we work exclusively through a partner channel. Our partners are privacy professionals and consultants who can provide the necessary assistance and onboarding. If you are looking for the service for your organisation. contact us and we will refer a partner to assist you.

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